Ashmaze. is a new band on the scene whose members’ experience varies from long-time players to up-and-coming performers in the scene.

The lineup consists of former IGGY vocalist Souma, BLESSCODE guitarist Ryo, VETIQUE guitarist Shiyu, Far East Dizian Ryu, and drummer of LACK-CO., who is currently on indefinite hiatus and has changed his name to S1TK or Saitaku.

The band will first release their mini-album Sakkaku on October 16 consisting of five tracks in total. In fact, they’ve already provided a taste of what’s to come as with their formation announcement came the music video for opening track Kagerou no Sakkaku!

Ashmaze. - カゲロウの錯覚 (Official Music Video)

This demonstrates their clean and complex but heavy sound, taking that idea further with guitarist Shiyu tapping away for his solo and bassist Яyu getting a share of the limelight with his bass slapping solo. The video presents the band within a transparent, lit-up cube, brightening up the surrounding dark scenery, while the members perform from inside its walls.

They will also hold their now sold-out first performance at Ikebukuro EDGE on October 25, titled Ashmaze. Presents ‘inner universe’, performing with the likes of XaaXaa, SCAPEGOAT, Develop One’s Faculties, and Raku-Gaki.

Below you can take a glance at their artist photos and tracklist for Sakkaku!

Sakkaku (錯覚)


  1. Kagerou no Sakkaku (カゲロウの錯覚)
  2. Label (ラベル)
  3. Senbou (羨望)
  4. Giman (欺瞞)
  5. Shabon Tama (シャボン玉)

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