Initial’L just released the full music video for their newest single Tokyo Horizon which came out on July 30. This is the first physical release of the band after their first full album INITIALIZE which came out about a year ago. With this single, Initial’L commences a new project introducing us to the concept of “future rock”.

Tokyo Horizon is a rock-based piece heavily distorted with electronic elements both in the instrumental, and vocals. The song already starts off with an electronic keyboard sound until Yuki opens the song up, and the guitars kick in followed by the bass guitar, and drums. As the song develops, more electronic elements appear such as a synthetic hi-hat, drum and bass, and noticeable modification of Yuki’s vocals in a major part of the song. Right in the middle of the song, guitarist Satoshi interrupts the electronic breakdown by making his usual demonstration of technique with a killer guitar solo.

The mixture of sounds in Tokyo Horizon seems to work very well for Initial’L, resulting in a fun, catchy song to listen to.

The music video is full of colorful visual effects in accordance with the song. The footage shows the band performing the song in the dark, Yuki walking the streets, and the mysterious woman featured in the cover artwork of the single. We can also see drummer Ichiro using his drumsticks on an electronic pad.

As a reminder, Initial’L will be making their debut in the US at Katsucon next year. The event is scheduled to take place between February 14–16, 2020 at National Harbor, Maryland, United States.

Watch the music video below and let us know your thought on the new sound brought by Initial’L.


Tokyo Horizon

Regular edition


  1. MANA
  2. Tokyo Horizon (東京ホライズン)
  3. S.O.S

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Limited edition


  1. MANA
  2. Tokyo Horizon (東京ホライズン)
  3. S.O.S


  1. Tokyo Horizon (東京ホライズン) music video
  2. Tokyo Horizon (東京ホライズン) making of

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