VEXENT disbanding on May 24, 2019, left a hole in many fans’ hearts after they endured a prolonged shaky period as a band, but perhaps light is shining at the end of the tunnel for VEXENT followers? Not even half a year later, LEVI is back in the music scene—but this time in a boy group. Intriguing.

ALTL code name:alice to tales, is a new six-piece boy group that describe themselves as a “new generation of dark hero dance and vocal unit”. Their first live show at Shibuya-REX will be on August 1 this year.

They’ve released a music video, Breaking the Dark, and curiously the title is in English, Korean (어둠을 깨고) and Traditional Chinese (打破黑暗). As well as this, they have translated their band name to Korean and Chinese, “앨리스의 이야기” and “愛麗絲物語”.

It may be the first time I’ve seen a band put in effort to use the world’s two biggest business languages and I hope you all appreciate the effort it took to work out what was going on with the quadrilingual video title.

Members are YU-TA and HAL as main vocals, YOSSY and Key as vocals and dancers, and LEVI and TAKK will be the rappers and dancers of this group.

According to LEVI’s profile, he is 166cm tall, weighs 52kg, blood type A, was born on Christmas day and loves to sleep and play drums. What’s your feeling on this change? Let us know in the comments below.

More info:
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