Develop One’s Faculties are at it again as they’ll release Develop One’s Faculties Vol.2 ‘Jouryoku -ever green-‘ on May 8 with two discs in total.

The first will contain their second music video collection taking us through My World, My World (Kai Sekai Version), Unintelligible, Borderline, and Schadenfreude.

Then we have the second disc which is a DVD of their ‘Jouryoku -ever green-‘ tour final at Shirokane Takanawa SELENE b2 on December 14, consisting of 26 songs in total! They have also revealed a preview for it going through the music video and a preview of each song from their performance!

The band will also release single ephemeral on June 5 and it will come with the title track, followed by don’t think feel. It will be their first release without bassist detto. You can check the tracklisting for both releases below.

Develop One’s Faculties Vol.2 ‘Jouryoku -ever green-‘


  1. My World
  2. My World (Kai Sekai Version)
  3. Unintelligible (アンインテリジブル)
  4. Borderline (ボーダーライン)
  5. Schadenfreude (シャーデンフロイデ)


  1. Schadenfreude (シャーデンフロイデ)
  2. Unintelligible (アンインテリジブル)
  3. Röntgen
  4. Mura (斑)
  5. Borderline (ボーダーライン)
  6. Uitenpen wa Sekai Yononarai (有為転変は世の習い)
  7. Melancholy na Seikatsu (メランコリィな生活)
  8. Fresco wo Furu to Tenbin Yureta (フラスコを振ると天秤揺れた)
  9. Seijyo Towa (正常とは)
  10. Tsutaeru to Iu Koto Majiwaru to Iu Koto (伝えるということ 交わるということ)
  11. Soutaiteki Shinen (相対的思念)
  12. monochro
  13. this is Geijitsu (this is 芸術)
  14. Go Souzou ni Omakase Shimasu (ご想像にお任せします)
  16. Blow Jazz
  17. psychedelic modulation
  18. 100 Nen Mae Kara, Konnichiwa (100年前から、こんにちは)
  19. hope
  20. Kekkaron (結果論)
  21. Zannen na Uta (残念な唄)
  22. Kanjou Treatment (感情トリートメント)
  23. insert memory
  24. My World
  25. Hikari (光)
  26. エンドレス (Endless)

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NowPrinting CD

  1. ephemeral
  2. don’t think feel

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