It’s been announced that detto, bassist of Develop One’s Faculties, has abruptly left the band on February 4 due to a worsening medical condition. The band states that they will continue on as three members and still go forward with their currently scheduled shows. Their last single as a four-member band was the brilliant Schadenfreude released on October 10. You can read our translation of the official statement and member’s comments below.

Official statement:

Thank you for always supporting Develop One’s Faculties. Apologies for the sudden announcement, but bass player detto will depart the band. We would like to apologise from the bottom of our hearts to our fans and those who have supported us until now – this announcement is sudden for everyone. Due to a worsening medical condition, it has become difficult to continue activities. detto himself has decided to withdraw as of February 4. All shows currently scheduled will go ahead and be performed by yuya, rui and Johannes. We hope for your continued support.

Member comments:


From 2014, the four of us managed to keep our paces aligned until now.

Not just to say something beautiful, but as a human, because we are alive, a lot of things happen – both happy and sad. I don’t know how much to share of that.

I’ve said it at shows but we are awkward and terrible at expressing our emotions. There’s probably many times where we said the wrong thing.

The time I’ve spent with the other members has been valuable, and it comes to light again that of the four of us, I’ve spent the longest time with detto.

Even in difficult times, thank you for being the strength of my heart.

Thank you for the time spent drinking together, laughing together and for helping me with my solo.

I know better than anyone that you really loved the songs I wrote.

Whenever you’re ready, when you overcome it and become well.

Let’s hang out.

We’ll always be friends.


Apologies for the sudden announcement.

Since starting in 2014, I thought that this type of band couldn’t get off the ground without being seen live, and we decided it would be hard work before even starting activities. The power of magazines has been weakening year on year and the Internet still has some way to go, so all members decided that live shows were the best method and we did our best to spread the word.

These four years have been hard, making a few opportunities, putting on shows for many different people and we kept running forward. But not everyone’s physical strength is the same. In January this year, that kind of situation occurred and it was decided there would be a break.

I understand there is a limit to simply running forward and that it is hard to keep striving without a goal in sight. Many unexpected things occurred and I didn’t realise my hands had become full.

After detto told us he could not continue any longer, we talked about it many times but it was no good. It might be that we pushed too hard, until the situation was too serious. I’m truly miserable. I have many regrets but I don’t want to lose what we made together, so I want to continue. I will make a lot of things I think are cool.

These might be stupid words, but I’m thankful.


Suddenly. Sad. Announcement. Many. Annoyance. Hanging. Apology.

Several times. Conversation. After. One-sided. Departure. Contact. Accept. – > Honesty. Loneliness.
Detto. Current status. Mental. Medical condition. Deteriorate. – > Comment. No. State.
Detto. From now. Life. Support. Thought.

DOF. From now. Three people. Full power. Activity. Kindly. Thank you.

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