The virtual YouTube star AZKi has today officially revealed two more songs after previously bringing us the dazzling song Hikari no Machi. The two new songs consist of Fake.Fake.Fake. and Inochi (いのち) which was announced on April 17 and later teased during a live stream where AZKi actually sang these two songs live. But now, we’re actually are able to get our virtual hands on this releases through all major digital stores on April 30! Both of these songs offer a lot of emotions and charm in their own respective way.

Fake.Fake.Fake. is labeled under AZKi BLaCK, and thus takes on a rock approach with its high-spirited sound and melodies. The guitars and drums are so fast-paced that it makes me want to run a few laps around my neighborhood. It is also no other than Keita Tanaka (田仲圭太) who composed the song, from the studio SCRAMBLES. He was also in charge of Hikari no Machi, so if you enjoyed that one, chances are you will enjoy this one too!

The second song Inochi, under AZKi WHiTE, provides a more cute type of pop-rock tune, especially with AZKi’s elegant, adorable, and melting voice. The instrumentals are performed in a very staccato (short notes) and playful way, making the song a perfect wake-up call for those lazy Sunday mornings. We have composer Wataru Sena (瀬名航) to thank for this piece, who previously offered his help in creating AZKi’s second original song, Real Melancholy.

Additionally, AZKi will perform her first ever solo and “real” concert in Akihabara Entas on May 19, titled The Shitest Start. Tickets are already up for grabs through the digital ticket service, PassMarket.


The virtual diva AZKi was reincarnated into the virtual world back in November 2018. Her objective is to “communicate with talented people and create a new world through the virtual world”. Due to her now being in the virtual world, her age will forever stay at 18 and never grow old.

AZKi was given life by Cover Corporation, an entertainment content and technology startup company focusing on “live entertainment with characters”, typically within the VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) space. The company essentially focuses on digital avatars that are controlled by people on the other side of the screen. This allows for almost seamless interaction with the characters, as they are able to respond and act exactly like a person.


  1. Fake.Fake.Fake.

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  1. Inochi

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