The popular virtual YouTuber and singer AZKi released her fifth original song Hikari no Machi (ひかりのまち), a catchy rock song that also offers beautiful, emotional, and melancholic melodies. It is currently out in all major digital stores worldwide.

While AZKi presents herself as a digital character, her voice is however not digitally synthesized. The idea of virtual singers like AZKi is that you’re able to enjoy a human singing voice and also a human personality, combined with the uniqueness of an anime-like character that only makes sense in the digital world.

We really enjoyed AZKi’s latest song Hikari no Machi, so we urge you to give it a try too—even if this might be uncharted territory for many.

【5thオリジナルソング】ひかりのまち/AZKi【AZKi BLaCK】

For those who enjoyed Hikari no Machi (roughly translates to “Town of light”), look out for more upcoming music from AZKi under the alias “AZKi BLaCK”, which is the name she uses when releasing rock-oriented songs. Not too surprisingly, her music that is towards the pop side goes under the name “AZKi WHiTE”. Hikari no Machi was written by Satoshi Toyosumi from the team SCRAMBLES, previously in charge of compositions for Japanese idols such as BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE, and more.

The virtual diva AZKi was reincarnated into the virtual world back in November 2018. Her objective is to “communicate with talented people and create a new world through the virtual world”. Due to her now being in the virtual world, her age will forever stay at 18 and never grow old.

AZKi was given life by Cover Corporation, an entertainment content and technology startup company focusing on “live entertainment with characters”, typically within the VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) space. The company essentially focuses on digital avatars that are controlled by people on the other side of the screen. This allows for almost seamless interaction with the characters, as they are able to respond and act exactly like a person.

Virtual YouTuber and singer AZKi.

Hikari no Machi

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