Prepare to get emotional with Xaa-Xaa’s new single! On March 20Shinjyatta Pochi no Hanashi (死んじゃったポチの話) will release in two types. The limited edition comes with two songs and a music video of the title track, while the regular edition carries three tracks.

These are not the only details, as we also get a music video preview and teasers of the two additional tracks. The music video shifts between animated sequences and scenes of the band playing along in a dark, blue-lit room. It follows a dog’s experiences with the separation of the couple they live with while the storyline leads you to the unfortunate ending of the pups life. Gather your tissues if heartbreaking stories involving dogs are your weakness, because Xaa-Xaa deliver this tale with powerful sentiment.

Group photo of Xaa-Xaa for “Shinjyatta Pochi no Hanashi” (死んじゃったポチの話)

What are your thoughts on Xaa-Xaa’s upcoming single? Seeing as the video left off on a cliffhanger, do you wonder how the dog’s story continues? We shall see when March 20 rolls around!

Shinjyatta Pochi no Hanashi (死んじゃったポチの話)

Regular edition


  1. Shinjyatta Pochi no Hanashi (死んじゃったポチの話)
  2. Saigo ni Iwasete (最後に言わせて)
  3. Gomisute wa Nan’yo Hi Demo (ゴミ捨ては何曜日でも)

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Limited edition


  1. Shinjyatta Pochi no Hanashi (死んじゃったポチの話)
  2. Saigo ni Iwasete (最後に言わせて)


  1. Shinjyatta Pochi no Hanashi (死んじゃったポチの話) music video

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