X Japan’s vocalist Toshl steps up his game and levels up from X to Y! In the latest commercial to promote Yahoo Mobile’s (Y!mobile) student discount, Toshl takes the role of a rebellious transfer student and converts his new classmates and teacher into joining his band, Y!BAND.

ToshI、吉岡里帆&芦田愛菜らと新バンド結成!異色メンバーで「Y.M.C.A」披露! 『ワイモバイル』新テレビCM「Y!BAND 結成」篇

It starts with the teacher introducing the new transfer student.

Teacher: Please welcome our transfer student, Toshl-kun!

Toshl then cooly enters the classroom and immediately yells.

Toshl: Everyone… Let’s start a band!

Student: A band?

From there, his new band Y!BAND is assembled, composed by the teacher on guitar, actress Riho Yoshioka; student on keyboard, famous composer Takashi Niigaki; cat student on drums, Yahoo mobile’s mascot Futenyan; and student on wooden flute, child actress Mana Ashida. It then completely derails and the classroom is turned into a live house where the band starts singing promotion lyrics in the melody of Y.M.C.A. Toshl ends the commercial by yelling “Y, is the best!”.

We are also taken through a behind-the-scenes in a separate video where we can see what went into making the Y!BAND commercial.

Toshl in total bliss when holding Yahoo Mobile’s mascot Futenyan.

Toshl standing together with music composer Takashi Niigaki (left), and actress Riho Yoshioka (right).


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