Roselia fans, Rejoice! Rinko Shirokane has found a new voice in Kanon Shizaki! On November 7 the BanG Dream! official website released the information on the new cast member. This news follows the recent sad departure of Akesaka Satomi.

As of now, there is little more information on the newest member. This is likely due to her seemingly recent entrance to the entertainment industry. However, her twitter boasts 12 years of singing and piano experience. Additionally, she has spent two years practicing ballet. There is no doubt that this will lend itself well to the live performances of Roselia.

More info:
Official Website (English)
Official Website (Japanese)
Bushiroad Music
Twitter (English)
Twitter (Japanese)
Twitter (Kanon Shizaki)
BanG Dream! mobile game (Android)
BanG Dream! mobile game (iOS)

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