BanG Dream, a mobile rhythm game, recently had to deliver a sad bit of news. On June 30 the official website announced that Akesaka Satomi would no longer be able to perform as a member of Roselia. Akesaka is the talent behind Roselia Keyboardist Shirokane Rinko. Following this announcement, Bushiroad Music also made an announcement for auditions to fill in her role. However, fans around the world wouldn’t let Akesaka leave without a bitter-sweet farewell.

For those unaware of the level of demand behind the role of being a BanG Dream girl here is a sample.

That’s right, the girls behind the voices of BanG Dream are also performers for the band. This demands a certain level of ability when performing live.

In a heartfelt effort, members of the community banded together to send a message to their beloved keyboardist in one of the best ways they could conceive. BanG dream allows players to edit their names and a special tagline at will. Using this system and the current event leaderboard, the top 10 players of the global release took action. Shown below is the result of their effort.

The message sent reads; “Akesaka Satomi, thank you for everything. We hope you shine brightly forever. Love, Bandori Worldwide Players”.

Much to the surprise and joy of many players, Akesaka took note of their efforts and even tweeted out her gratitude.

Although players of the game will be losing their original Rinko, it is clear that she will not soon be forgotten by fans. Soon after, fans of the Taiwan and Hong Kong regions have followed suit.

If our article on the top rhythm games wasn’t enough to get you into the game, now is as good a time as any to be a part of this great community.

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