RAZOR will drop single Akaku Chirabaru Hana on July 27 and has now revealed a music video preview for the title track and song preview trailer! The initial announcement and artist photos made it difficult to figure out what kind of song it could be, but now we can confirm it is a speedy ballad with some of that melancholy provided by Ryoga’s vocals!

The song itself starts with backward guitar notes and a soaring solo before entering and illustrating the chorus’ intensity. This is soon stripped down as they enter the verse as the tempo slows down and guitarists Tsurugi and Koryuu switch to acoustic guitars. The music video sees a boy looking towards the sky through tree branches, a collage of clips such as a sky time-lapse and red spider lilies. This obviously wouldn’t be a music video with having the band performing the song as well, but this time, it is in a religious-looking building.

We also have the song preview trailer and thus far, it seems to follow suit with their previous singles. There always seems to be a heavy second song which consists of Sorrow Rain this time, leading off nicely from Akaku Chirabaru Hana, while the lighter third song, Ajisai, comes into play soon after.

Moreover, I can’t shake off the feeling that the guitars in the chorus sound like a rehashed version of Voyage by Sadie, which was Tsurugi’s band before they went on indefinite hiatus. However, this riff is used fairly often so maybe its nothing to worry about. You can compare it with the video below.

Akaku Chirabaru Hana (紅く散らばる華)

Type B


  1. Akaku Chirabaru Hana (紅く散らばる華)
  2. sorrow rain
  3. Ajisai (あじさい)

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Type A


  1. Akaku Chirabaru Hana (紅く散らばる華)
  2. sorrow rain


  1. Akaku Chirabaru Hana (紅く散らばる華) Music Video

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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