Last time we talked about THE MUSMUS’ single THE MOON, the band revealed the badass music video Muller and announced that another live-limited single was on its way. Sometime later, the name of the unknown single was disclosed to be fittingly called THE SUN. As the band just finished their release performance for THE SUN at Shibuya CLUB KINOT less than an hour ago, the music video for the title-track AOBA TO Waltz was unveiled for the world to see! This is the first track of the two songs that are included in the single, with the second track being Mr.Franken.

Fans familiar with THE MUSMUS typical post-hardcore sound will be happy to know that the band maintained their edginess with AOBA TO Waltz. The song however brings some new elements we rarely find in their songs, such as the inclusion of an immense “digitally warped” guitar effect that shows up around the 2-minute spot. You will also consistently find the geometrically abstract visual effect that is motion tracked in a 3D-environment, making the shapes match the members’ movements and position. THE MUSMUS (and their previous band UPLIFT SPICE) has previously only stuck to traditional overlay effects and transitions, so it is quite refreshing to see the band explore new ways to keep their music videos interesting.

If you’re keen to get your hands on this release, the band has prepared a tour schedule for the upcoming months already, three of them which are hosted by the band.

  • July 28
    THE MUSMUS presents THE MUSMUS RIOT vol.3 (2-man live)
    Tokyo, Shibuya CLUB KINOT
  • July 29
    THE MUSMUS RIOT vol.3 (3-man live)
    Osaka, AMERICA Mura BEYOND
  • October 5

More dates are available through hosted events by other bands. To find ticket availability and their up-to-date tour schedule, head over to eplus.




  1. AOBA TO Waltz (青葉とワルツ)
  2. Mr.Franken (Mr.フランケン)

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