Less than a week has passed since THE MUSMUS revealed a mysterious music video preview for Muller, a song from their venue limited single THE MOON, released at their show “THE MUSMUS RIOT vol.02” on March 17. And today, it is finally the day where the Muller music video is out in the wild for everyone to enjoy!

What THE MUSMUS’ song Muller brings to the table is nothing out of their comfort zone, but it is able to offer their long-lasting post-hardcore sound, dating all the way back when they were called UPLIFT SPICE. In other words, Muller is a badass song with powerful vocals and drums, intense guitars and bass!

Have a listen yourself in their latest music video below, or on Spotify!

The band also revealed that they will release more music along with their upcoming two-day tour, starting in Tokyo on July 28 and ending in Osaka on July 29. The tour is called “THE MUSMUS RIOT vol.03” and as you might have guessed, it is the continuation of the “vol.2” tour.

Promo image for the band’s upcoming tour “THE MUSMUS RIOT vol.03”

Muller (ミュラ ー)


  1. Muller

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