It was a double whammy on July 18 as DADAROMA released not only their single ‘Boku wa Andriod’ but also their first live DVD titled LIVE DVD 3rd Anniversary ONEMAN TOUR FINAL ‘This is “LIVE”‘ 2018.03.21 Tokyo Kinema Club. This has now led to the band revealing a clip of their performance of ‘Pornograph’!

It’s undoubtedly a passionate one and no wonder, as its the second to last song played before ending on Aruhi, Sekai wa Utsukushii to Omotta.—a heavy and emotional song. You can even see it on vocalist Yoshiatsu’s face that emotions are running high.

Check out the preview for it below!

LIVE DVD 3rd Anniversary ONEMAN TOUR FINAL ‘This is “LIVE”‘ 2018.03.21 Tokyo Kinema Club


  1. Phantom Pain (ファントムペイン)
  2. MONEY
  3. Watashi, Bangya Janai wa (私、バンギャじゃないわ)
  5. ‘THE KINKY’
  6. Innocent Holic (イノセント・ホリック)
  7. Trend Identity (トレンドアイデンティティ)
  8. Romance Grey (ロマンスグレー)
  9. Morphine#2 (モルヒネ♯2)
  10. Warui Kusurii (‘わるいくすり’)
  11. Oboreru Sakana (‘溺れる魚’)
  12. Ame no Waltz (‘雨のワルツ’)
  13. Tsuki no Uta (月のうた)
  14. Toke Komenai Zarazara no Geijutsu o Kimi ga Koroshite Kurenai ka (融け込めないざらざらな芸術を君が殺してくれないか)
  15. Shiroi Geranium (白いゼラニウム)
  16. Belka to Strelka (ベルカとストレルカ)
  17. Yume Tarareba (‘夢タラレバ’)
  18. Risely Circus (‘リズリーサーカス’)
  19. Quiet Red (クワイエットレッド)
  20. Pornograph (‘ポルノグラフ’)
  21. Aruhi, Sekai wa Utsukushii to Omotta. (ある日、世界は美しいと思った。)

Bonus tracks: Multi-angle LIVE Footage

  1. Risely Circus (‘リズリーサーカス’)……Yoshiatsu Ver.
  2. Morphine#2 (モルヒネ♯2)……Takashi Ver.
  3. Innocent Holic (イノセント・ホリック……Tomo Ver.
  4. Belka to Strelka (ベルカとストレルカ)……Yusuke Ver.

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