It will be less than two months before Arlequin release their first mini album called BLESS on August 29! While there are no details on album artwork and tracklist, we can however confirm that it will be available in two editions.

For BLESS, the members pose in the faint light of a forest, making the scene’s atmosphere mystical and slightly melancholic. A noticeable point in their clothing, which normally features more colors, are long black robes and jackets adorned with golden patterns or black flowers. Another eye-catching aspect is the golden accessories, which give bassist Shohei a subtly oriental look. Standing amidst trees, the members seem to almost blend into the surrounding dark and light green colors.

Seeing this nature-inspired dark look, we eagerly await the sound of BLESS! What do you think about Arlequin’s new artist photos? Have a look at them below and as always, feel free to comment!

More information:
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