SEVER BLACK PARANOIA is finally releasing their digital single Subspecies (亜種) after having its release date pushed back a week from June 2 to June 9! Was it worth the wait you ask? You damn right it was! As portrayed in the cover art for the single, title-track Subspecies has a distinct demonic creature sound embedded into the band’s typical electrocore metal. More so, it is a heavy song offering vocalist Daisuke’s signature diabolic screams and autotune vocals, together with aggressive drums by Hibiki.

Artwork for single “Subspecies”

The music video for Subspecies is much more expressive compared to the bands earlier music videos that usually just consist of the band performing the song. This time around, the music video tells a story where vocalist Daisuke is put into center attention, we see him walk around the street of Japan while going insane.

Unfortunately, this will be drummer Hibiki’s last release he’ll participate in as an official member. He recently announced his departure set for June 16, stating the main reason being the lack of time he is able to put into SEVER BLACK PARANOIA while keeping up with other musical activities. Within the Japanese rock music scene, you will find Hibiki participating as a support drummer from time to time. In the past, he helped out DIMLIM, iNSOMNiA, LAPiS LiGHT, and he was even active with a second band A Ghost of Flare while being a part of SEVER BLACK PARANOIA—which he has also withdrawn from since last year.

Subspecies (亜種)


  1. Subspecies
  3. This ’86 Errors

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