At today’s live at Ikebukuro EDGE, MORRIGAN announced that they will disband on September 28 and proceeded to share the news online after the live show. As of writing, the band has not shared a reason for the disbandment.

However, before the band ceases activities, MORRIGAN has planned a birthday live for Setsuna on July 30, and also their last one-man tour Underworldend XISS taking place between August and September, with the tour final being held on September 28—the official date of their disbandment.

Read the official statement on Twitter:


Thank you for supporting MORRIGAN in the past.

Following the oneman live at Ikebukuro EDGE on September 28, 2018 (Fri), MORRIGAN will disband.

Please keep supporting MORRIGAN until the end.

After the departure of guitarist Pitty earlier this year in January without official replacement, and Kuloe worrying the fans by disappearing for some days in April, MORRIGAN probably faced a tough period.

We wish the best for the band members and hope they will continue making music in the near future.

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