On January 12, 2018, MORRIGAN staff hit their fans with a very sad announcement—Pitty, the band’s guitarist, will be departing the band, effective immediately. 

Pitty has been a member of MORRIGAN since their very inception as Xibalba (originally playing under the name Uraken), and the members have been friends since childhood, so the news surely won’t be devastating only to fans. The guitarist has been taking a break from band activities since December after the band released their newest album Corpse Mansion, allegedly because of an illness; he will not be returning.

You can read the band’s blog post announcing Pitty’s departure down below:

Important announcement

Thank you for always supporting MORRIGAN.

Guitarist PITTY, who has been hospitalised a while ago, has left the band, following today.

We believed PITTY’s words when he told us that he had been hospitalised due to worsening state of tonsillitis, and awaited his return. However, we did not hear from him for a while, and the other day we were informed that he wished to leave the band.

He had no motivation and did not respond to the members’ persuasion; it also came to light that he has debts in various places. As a result of discussion at this time, he will be departing.

From here on, we will continue activities without stopping, taking in your support; therefore please continue supporting us.

January 12, 2018, all MORRIGAN members

Pitty’s twitter account has already been deactivated. Kuloe and Setsuna have offered their thoughts on their accounts, vocalist Aryu’s instagram remains silent on the matter as of yet. There has been no statement released from Pitty.

To all the fans who have supported MORRIGAN, I am very sorry that it has turned out like this now
The matter of Pitty is unfortunate, but we will do our best as the three of us, so please continue supporting us 


Sorry from the four of us to everyone who’s supported MORRIGAN. As you all know, MORRIGAN is an unbalanced band consisting of childhood friends, but I was always proud that that I could say that, contrarily, it had a good balance. We tried to persuade Pitty, but since he had no motivation and did not want to meet up, we made this bitter choice 
Everyone, I’m sorry 


Since we will continue activities as three members, I would be happy if you could support us as before; this is an important time and we can not stop. 
Because as long as we at least have you who support us, MORRIGAN will continue for sure 
That I promise you, at least


It is a little nasty to say, but if somebody who doesn’t want to do this anymore thinks that he’s just gonna quit the band suddenly, just having such a guy will cause trouble, so it would be better if he hadn’t been here from the start  
I am frustrated to be honest 
So since we don’t wanna be told something like ‘Nah, it’s no good since that guy left’, the three of us will keep working hard without changing anything 
We will make him regret leaving us if we have to


More info:
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