Barely three months after guitarist Pitty suddenly departed from the band, MORRIGAN are hit with yet another odd disappearance.

Just a few hours ago, news broke on MORRIGAN staff’s Twitter (morrigan_morita) that the band has been unable to get in contact with their bassist Kuloe since 7:00AM today, April 6.

For now, they have performed their Sendai live without him, and should continue performing as normal, while trying to get in contact with him.

Read Morita’s statements here:


Today we had a performance in Sendai, however, bassist KULOE has not been responding to messages since 7:00 in the early morning; we are trying to confirm what’s the current situation.
If there is any development, we will let you know.

Lives will still be held as planned.

Regarding bassist KULOE, at the moment his family hasn’t been able to contact him either and they are worried; however, until recently he has been communicating.
Until the meeting time today, he has been responding to messages from the members as well, so there is a possibility that something has happened to him; we will let you know soon.

Thank you for your continued support.

Setsuna has this to say on his Twitter:

Regarding Kuloe, both the members and the family are worried about him
I hope he is found soon
Until he is found, the three of us will keep giving lives all we’ve got, so please keep supporting us.
Thank you for today as well

As of now, the support guitarist Nihit retweeted Morita’s announcement, but has refrained from commenting on the situation, and Aryu’s Instagram account remains silent on it as well.

We are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated regarding all new developments. Let’s hope that Kuloe has not run into any trouble or an accident, and that history will not repeat itself; hopefully he will return to the band safely and resume his activities.

Too many musicians have gone down the path of “sudden disappearance as a means of leaving the band” recently.

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