Serial funkers SUCHMOS released a music video for 808 (they also call it Eight O Eight) for the digital release that came out on February 15. Directed by Takayuki Okada and award-winning Kento Yamada808 captures the band in different locations around the world from urban Hong Kong to desert highways in America, take a look below:

The eagle-eyed will have noticed the car and the driving theme, and this is not a coincidence as the song has been sponsored by the Japanese company care marker Honda for their VEZEL car model commercial. Go ahead and spot the song name on the license plate in this advert:

This collaboration between a band and Honda certainly isn’t the first, as Honda has only recently worked with ONE OK ROCK on HondaJet in January this year, but it doesn’t change my opinion that it was weird to see a car parked next to the drumkit in 808.

If you enjoyed this song, you’ll be interested to know that the song is streamable on Spotify and Apple Music already, so be sure to check it out.

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