The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is fast approaching, so NHK WORLD created Songs of Tokyo to showcase music to promote Japanese culture and arts ahead of this monumental event. On January 1–2, 2018, Japanese broadcaster NHK WORLD presented Songs of Tokyo to international viewers. This program was filmed before an audience on November 25–26, 2017.

This show has been split into four sessions and each one includes at least one Jrock band in each part including; MIYAVI, Cornlius, X JapanLinked Horizon, T.M.RevolutionMAN WITH A MISSION and SEKAI NO OWARI. Over two nights, the globally-popular Japanese artists gathered to perform at the NHK Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Part 1: Perfume, MIYAVI, Cornelius and X JAPAN

Part 2: Aqours, Linked Horizon, LiSA, T.M.Revolution

Part 3: Kana Nishino, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, MAN WITH A MISSION, SEKAI NO OWARI

Part 4: AKB48, Joe Hisaishi, KANJANI∞, NEWS


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