On March 29, deadman unveiled the music video for Shizukana Kuchizuke (静かなくちづけ) from their upcoming album Genealogie der Moral—the band’s first new album in 19 years. The album is set for official release on March 30, 2024.

Listeners can expect a gentle, melancholic song that embodies deadman’s mystique. Dreamy, arthouse-style visuals tug at your heartstrings, beautifully reflecting the song’s bittersweet essence. The soft yet raw vocals create a feeling of closeness, almost as if you’re sharing a quiet, intimate moment—much like the English translation of the title implies: “Silent Kiss”.

Guest musicians here include bassist Kazu of the band “gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy” and drummer Asanao of “lynch.“.

deadman 『静かなくちづけ』(Shizukana Kuchizuke) MUSIC VIDEO

Shizukana Kuchizuke provides a softer side of deadman, diverging from their gritty style. It’s the perfect appetizer for their upcoming album, set to release the next day.

In addition to Genealogie der Moral, deadman drops another release, Living Hell, on March 30. This retake album features revamped versions of classic deadman tracks from their back catalog. Guest artists include guitarist Miya (MUCC, Petit Brabancon) on the track blood 2.0 and bassist Aki (SID) on follow the nightlight 2.0. Living Hell is exclusively available for purchase at live venues and online.

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  1. in the cabinet
    in the cabinet
  2. Mayonaka no Hakuchou
  3. rabid dog
    rabid dog
  4. Shizukana Kuchizuke
  5. Mitsubachi
  6. the dead come walking
    the dead come walking
  7. Neko to blanket, yorisoi meguri au ubugoe
  8. Rei
  9. Shukushu
  10. dawn of the dead
    dawn of the dead
  1. dlof facs:2.0
  2. please god:2.0
  3. blood:2.0
  4. follow the night light:2.0
  5. additional cause for sorrow:2.0
  6. please god:2.0(ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
  7. blood:2.0(ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
  8. follow the night light:2.0(ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
  9. additional cause for sorrow:2.0(ORIGINAL KARAOKE)