Metal idol group Broken By The Scream delivers a two-hit combo with the debut of their newest member Yayoi and the release of their music video Gekkou Karen Stripe ( -月光可憐ストライプ-).

It was announced previously that the fourth and final member of Broken By The Scream Yayoi Takayashiki will officially debut on March 29 at their live show Re-Evolution -unlimited- in Japan. However, they introduced their new death scream vocalist ahead of the concert on social media, where fans from all across the globe are already sending welcoming and supportive messages.

From left to right: Screamer Yayoi, Vocalist Tsubaki, Vocalist Shizuku, Growler Io

Broken By The Scream posted the music video for their new song Gekkou Karen Stripe ( -月光可憐ストライプ-) to YouTube on March 23. This marks not only the first music video appearance for Yayoi but for pop vocalist Shizuku as well, signaling the start of a new chapter for the metal idol group. Shizuku joined only a few months prior, debuting with the group during their appearance at Anime Los Angeles.

Broken By The Scream -月光可憐ストライプ-

The music video features the group members and their band outdoors in sunny nature, surrounded by tall grass and mountains in the distance. These visuals are interrupted by scenes shot in a dark and misty forest. The juxtaposition of a bright and open with dark and dramatic is a perfect complement to their sound, which is known for the contrast of cute pop idol vocals with metal screaming.

Unfortunately for overseas fans, Broken By The Scream’s America tour is postponed until further notice, with the agency citing visa issues as the reason for the delay. Members Tsubaki and Shizuku have expressed their disappointment on social media, but the tour has not been canceled. We look forward to the announcement of new tour dates, hopefully in the near future.

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