“Ashmaze.” has announced that vocalist Souma will leave the band. His departure will be after his farewell performance titled Ashmaze. Souma LAST ONEMAN LIVE “This is “LIVE”” on April 22.

In his announcement, Souma states that he is leaving the band due to a difference in opinion regarding its direction. You can read the official announcement, as well as individual member statements translated into English below.

The initial announcement is as follows:

Thank you for supporting “Ashmaze.”.

We have an important announcement, though it may be sudden.

Vocalist Souma, who has been with us since the very beginning, will be leaving the band.

On April 22, 2024, we will hold Souma’s LAST ONEMAN LIVE.

We sincerely apologize for making such an announcement.

For concerts planned after vocalist Souma’s departure, we will be offering refunds for one-man performances only.

Details will be released at a later date. Thank you for your understanding.

Vocalist Souma:

I will be withdrawing from “Ashmaze.” with the completion of the O-WEST performance on April 22.

I offer my sincerest apologies for causing a great inconvenience with this sudden announcement, and that this matter would be saddening to all of the fans, staff, and all parties involved.

At the end of many recurring discussions with “Ashmaze.” members, it has become difficult to reconcile our different objectives, purposes, and values, resulting in my decision to withdraw.

To all the fans, staff, and my fellow bandmates, thank you all so very much for pursuing the same dream with me for the last four years.

Until April 22, I will give it my all as the vocalist of “Ashmaze.”.

Though I will no longer walk the same path with “Ashmaze.”, I humbly ask you to look forward to future “Ashmaze.”.

Guitarist Ryo:

Looking back now, the time I spent with vocalist Souma was full of good times. We shared so much laughter over many ridiculous conversations and we were always there for each other. He was always there to talk to me and listen to me whenever I was feeling troubled.

That kindness saved me over and over again.

However, as we continued to express ourselves within one entity of music, it became apparent that our goals and values were incompatible and after many repeated discussions, we had arrived at the conclusion that we should go our separate ways.

I think it’s a truly miraculous thing to have been able to meet in the same era, to have been able to spend precious time together, to create and design together, through all the ups and downs. The views I was able to share together with “Ashmaze.” members, staff, supporters and all fans will now and forever be a wonderful experience that I will always be proud of.

Because I still want to continue displaying and seeing these views, I think it will take some time for me to accept this, but let’s all move on forward in our own ways.

It’s only a brief time until April 22, but I want to see him off with a smile on my face. Wherever Souma’s path takes him, I will be cheering for him from the bottom of my heart.

Guitarist Shiyu:

First of all, our apologies for the unfortunate and sudden announcement.

We discussed and talked and talked numerous times up until the very last moment that we decided on this outcome. Again, please accept our apologies.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had when the group formed, when I believed that the future for the five of us was boundless.

“It’s obvious to have different musical tastes, ways of thinking, and lifestyles because that’s what a band thrives off of”.

I had always been saying that, and even now I still believe it.

But there’s one thing, and that’s that a real team does not materialize without a shared mutual aspiration.

After many discussions over a long period of time, that difference became more and more clear and became the biggest reason for this.

Because of that, for the sake of each of our goals, vocalist Souma will walk a different path from the four of us.

I also understand that not everyone will be able to accept this right away.

However, there is undoubtedly no ill will between us.

I would be happy if you could accept that this was a decision in belief of a bright future for each one of us.

A five-man “Ashmaze.” is not over, so because of that, whether it’s to Souma or to everyone who cheered us on, I will not say ‘Thanks for everything’ until ‘that day’ arrives.

So until that day comes, and to each of our own paths beyond that, please continue to support us.

Bassist Ryu:

Since we formed as a band there have been countless ups and downs, as well as the hopes we held together during this period that we’ve overcome.

Many times between us we discussed earnestly about how we should progress onwards. And though we also argued about aspiring even higher, I think that is just a mutually required thing in the process of the growth of a band.

However, I’m truly filled with remorse that I was unable to realize that that had become a burden for vocalist Souma.

I will respect that he will from now on be headed towards a different direction, and am hoping that new doors will open up for him and cheering him on.

This kind of announcement will cause uncertainty for you all, but we will continue on.

We will overcome any obstacle just as we have as always, and in order to reach the next step past this, moreso than ever we will continue to evolve wholeheartedly as a band, and continue to make it even better.

Getting to this point so far with the five of us was undoubtedly thanks to the presence of everyone who guided us and walked alongside us. Thank you so very much.

That’s why this is not the end. There is still so much left to do, we’ll definitely take you along to show you the greatest view so please wait for it and look forward to it. Let me promise you that.

Drummer Saitaku (S1TK):

Before you know it, we’ve been a band for four and a half years.

In my life, this was the longest time I’ve spent with a vocalist.

There are so many memories that I can’t even keep count of it all.

He would say the most sudden things out of the blue, and in many ways I felt like I was being swung around by him many times.

And yet, sometimes he also truly took care of me in earnest.

That’s the kind of good person that vocalist Souma is.

You gave me so much joy and laughter

There’s only a few shows together left, and I want to be able to send you off cheerfully.

I’d be so happy if we could all do that.

I’ll always be cheering on SOUMA wherever he goes from here on out.

Let’s all do our best.

As of writing, “Ashmaze.” has released six singles, three mini-albums, one album, and three DVDs in this current lineup. The band released their fiery and furious sixth single IGNITE back in February.

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