DAMY has recently released a music video for the song chilled. from their upcoming single of the same name. Expect their third single to be out in two editions by December 6.

The music video begins with vocalist Ryo humming the rhythm of the song. Then, it quickly jumps straight into the heavy instrumental. This includes some slapping on Soushi’s bass guitar as well as vinyl scratching effects. The band is seen playing in a recurrent room filled with fluorescent light tubes. Check out the music video below:

Ever since the release of their first mini-album, released back in August this year, the band has developed a more unique sound. Their music seems to be better produced and structured too. On the vocal department, Ryo shows some improvement in his clean singing as well, this is appreciable as this song contains barely harsh vocals or screaming.

In the music video, it can also be seen the venue and date chosen for DAMY’s next one-man live being at Tsutaya O-West on April 28.

Now take a look at individual pictures of the members and their elaborate outfits and make-up:


Edition A


  1. chilled.
  2. Realist (りありすと)


  1. chilled. music video

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Edition B


  1. chilled.
  2. Realist (りありすと)
  3. Shuushifu (終止符)

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Official Website
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Twitter (Sora)
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