In September, we reported on the music video preview for Yusai’s third single, Mizuku to Narite (水屑となりて), and now the full clip is up for view! We still have to wait a few more weeks before the single releases on November 22, however, this video keeps us anticipating with excitement!

In the video, the members are seen performing in a dim, traditional room. They are accompanied by large water drops that appear on the screen, suiting the water-like theme of the tune. In addition, a flurry of colorful smoke appears to go along with the energy displayed by the members. For instance, we see them rapidly headbanging and spinning around in place as they play their instruments. The song itself is soothing, yet the band manages to throw in an intense breakdown towards the end. Impressing us once more, Yusai definitely knows what they are doing as they have us yearning to hear the following tracks featured on the single.

Does this music video have you wondering what the additional songs will sound like? Let us know your opinions on Yusai’s new tunes in the comments below!

Mizuku to Narite (水屑となりて)

Regular edition


  1. Mizuku to Narite (水屑となりて)
  2. Mujou Naru Rinne (無情なる輪廻 )
  3. Maisou Egoism  (埋葬エゴイズム)

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Limited edition


  1. Mizuku to Narite (水屑となりて)
  2. Mujou Naru Rinne (無情なる輪廻 )


  1. Mizuku to Narite (水屑となりて) Music Video

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