Ready to soak into a pool of new songs from Yusai? Just a few days ago, the four-piece band uploaded a preview for the music video that is to be featured on their third single, Mizuku To Narite (水屑となりて). Set for a release on November 22, the single comes in two types. The limited edition consists of two songs with a music video for the title track, while the regular edition includes three songs.

This single hints to carrying on water-related themes, as the music video for Yusai’s previous single Ame (雨), meaning “rain”, also made use of sprinkling graphics. This time around, drops of water splash onto the screen to illustrate a soothing aesthetic for the song. In addition, the members are donning a mixture of blue, white, and black tints for their outfits.  These visuals come together for an overall subdued tone for this single.

You can view Yusai’s Ame music video for comparison as well.

What are your thoughts on the nature aesthetics of Yusai’s music? Does it appeal to you, or have you seen better? Let us know your opinions on this new release by leaving a comment below!

Mizuku To Narite (水屑となりて)


Regular edition


  1. Mizuku To Narite (水屑となりて)
  2. Mujou Naru Rinne (無情なる輪廻)


  1. Mizuku To Narite (水屑となりて) Music Video

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Limited edition


  1. Mizuku To Narite (水屑となりて)
  2. Mujou Naru Rinne (無情なる輪廻)
  3. Maisou Egoism (埋葬エゴイズム)

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