Deviloof announced yesterday via Twitter that a new member would be announced that same night, prompting curious fans to become eager to know who it was. Of course, the announcement dropping later that same day, fans didn’t have to wait long, and soon we were all informed of the addition of 7-string guitarist Ray! The picture above was uploaded along with the announcement, showing us that he was already playing as support for the band and have been doing so for the past year. So for fans who have been keeping up with the band, this was probably not too surprising.

Ray is 21 years old, and will also be taking the role of vocals every once in a while, as he is described as “7strings&vocal” in the tweet.

Ray’s addition comes after guitarist Ryuya left the band to later join DIMLIM, leaving the band with four members for a while.

Are you excited to hear what Ray will bring to the table? Then you’re in luck, as the band already announced their first full album for November!

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Seiya (晟也))
Twitter (Daiki (太輝))
Twitter (Hiroto (ひろと))
Twitter (Ray)

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