Deviloof has made four announcements to be accomplished in 2017. The first act will be their first full album which will be released sometime this year. For the second announcement, the band will be promoting said album with a one-man tour. The third announcement reveals a men only one-man show at Amemura Hokage on January 22. And the last announcement is made especially for the true fans: the band’s first and second single, RUIN and ISHTAR, will be available at karaokes in Japan so start training your throat!

Deviloof sadly lost their guitarist Ryuya (竜弥) this past year on October 22, after the band’s first one-man live. However, the remaining member adopted a positive attitude towards the future of the band and confirmed that they would continue as a four piece band while looking for a replacement to refill the void left by Ryuya.

In regards to a new member, the band announced the incorporation of Belzemo’s vocalist Ray (previously guitarist) as a support member. Watch him practicing below:

Deviloof will hold a one-man show to celebrate the release of their newest mini-album PURGE on January 22. We might hear more information from the band after the show.

Flyer for men only one-man live.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Ryuya (竜弥))
Twitter (Seiya (晟也))
Twitter (Daiki (太輝))
Twitter (Hiroto (ひろと))
Twitter (Ray)
Instagram (Ryuya (竜弥))

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