Initial’L readied fans for the release of their new mini-album, FIREFLY, out on August 18, with a music video short for FIRE FLY but now they have a song trailer out with clips taken from a night drive as it explores the city via motorway.

I wasn’t too fond of their last two releases, but this definitely feels different and is probably their strongest yet. The EDM influences are more in tune with my tastes, and I think the way they have presented the songs really helps that too, with the lights making everything so vivid. I can totally imagine playing this while driving!

The band have also uploaded the music video for their previous single, VISION, which you can also check out below.


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  3. Your Song
  4. Fly of Angels
  5. Stop my heart
  6. HIVE
  7. Light My Fire
  8. Night and Day

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