Sad news was given to us from the band DEXCORE who lost their bassist a couple of months ago, but fortunately, they gained not just one, but two members in return!

Recently, bassist tetsu withdrew from the band after their performance on June 5 but also gained two new members on July 30, guitarist haku and bassist to-ru, who were originally support members. It also seems that they have transitioned from “dexcore”, all lower case letters, to a name with all capitals “DEXCORE”, changing the design of the logo ever so slightly.

DEXCORE’s old logo to the left, and the new on the right.

We haven’t reported on DEXCORE in awhile, so there is quite a bit to catch up on, but let us fill you in!

The band announced near the beginning of the year that they would upload a new song onto their YouTube channel every week on Monday over a 10 week period from March 6 to May 8, which means, yes, they practically have an album worth of content now!

Check out their first three songs, above the clouds, A.S.H and noise and their new artist photos with the new members below!

Vocalist Kagami

Guitarist haku

Bassist to-ru

Drummer Naoki (直樹)

More info:
Official Website
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Twitter (kagami) (架神)
Twitter (haku)
Twitter (to-ru) (澄-to-ru)
Twitter (Naoki) (直樹)
Ameblo (Staff)

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