We are very happy to announce another marriage coming from a member of ONE OK ROCK! This time the lucky one is drummer Tomoya who just announced his marriage through Instagram.

Tomoya has not yet revealed the identity of his partner, although, he made clear to express his immense happiness and shared that he plans on “making a happy family”. This of course does not stop him from giving his all as the drummer for ONE OK ROCK! Tomoya states that he will continue as the drummer for ONE OK ROCK whilst being a husband.

We also saw ONE OK ROCK’s Ryota getting married to Avril Lavigne’s sister back in February, where we mentioned: “Will we be seeing other ONE OK ROCK members finding their partners soon?”. Never in the world did we expect it being so soon! This time we will instead ask:

Who will be the next ONE OK ROCK member to get married? Share your guess down below in the comment section!

Find Tomoya’s official marriage announcement on his personal Instagram account below:

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