It was on March 29 when UNiTE celebrated their sixth anniversary with a one-man performance at EX THEATER ROPPONGI. This led to the announcement that the band would be embarking on a tour titled “Unite Sponsored two-man live ‘Tomodachi Connect'” in June.

But this is not all from the band, this tour is now to be followed by a summer tour titled “Kimi wa made UNiTE o shiranai” in August with a few dates in September and a second tour final following it up with new artist photo’s which you can all see below!

Unite Sponsored two-man live “Tomodachi Connect”

June 7 (Wed) Shibuya REX Unite x HERO
June 8 (Thu) Shibuya REX Unite x Develop One’s Faculties
June 14 (Wed) Unite x CHISA & Shogo
June 25 (Sun) Unite x SHARE LOCK HOMES
June 26 (Mon) Unite x Chanty

UNiTE. 2017 SUMMER ONEMAN TOUR “Kimi wa made UNiTE o shiranai”

August 9 (Wed) HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin Central VJ-3
August 11 (Fri) Koriyama CLUB #9
August 13 (Sun) Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX
August 15 (Tue) Sapporo DUCE
August 16 (Wed) Sapporo DUCE
August 19 (Sat) Kanazawa AZ
August 23 (Wed) Takasaki club FLEEZ
August 25 (Fri) Nagoya CLUB UP SET
August 27 (Sun) Abeno ROCKTOWN
August 29 (Tue) Okayama IMAGE
August 31 (Thu) Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH
September 2 (Sat) Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
September 16 (Sat) Okinawa Sakurazaka Central

September 17 (Sun) Okinawa Sakurazaka Central

UNiTE. 2017 SUMMER ONEMAN TOUR Ura Final “Q: UNiTE to wa?”

September 30 (Sat) Shinjuku BLAZE

Vocalist Yui (結)

Guitarist Shiina Mio (椎名未緒)

Guitarist LiN

Bassist Haku (ハク)

Drummer Sana (莎奈)

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