Frontman of the legendary band Nightmare, Yomi, just announced that he will embark on his own solo project ironically called TAKE NO BREAK. Their first single, which title is still unknown, is already set to be released sometime in July.

The band, aside from Yomi, who will be going under his real name, Jun, will be composed of another three musicians, most notably Tomoyuki Enya, bassist of the also on hiatus 12012, and an actual member of MORE. The remaining members are U.K. on guitar and DEATH-O on drums.

They will commence activities with a demonstration -Rei (zero)- live at Sendai MACANA on July 11, and continue with a Jun birthday -Ichi (one)- live at Kitazawa GARDEN on July 14. As we mentioned above, Jun is Yomi’s real name. Also, this exact date, July 14, was not randomly selected as it happens on Yomi’s birthday.

And here are the first ever artist photos of TAKE NO BREAK:

Vocalist Jun (淳)

Guitarist U.K.

Bassist Tomo (朋)

Drummer Death-O (デスヲ)

This piece of news took Nightmare fans by surprise for sure! As you may know, Nightmare went on hiatus in early 2016, nearly a year ago, in order to let Yomi recover from his functional dysphonia, which causes hoarseness, unstableness and a fatigued voice. Their comeback was set on the band’s 20th anniversary year, which would be in 2020. So we wonder how much has Yomi’s illness improved in this short period of time. It’s about time to find out!

The rest of the band stated that they would also be taking a rest. However, drummer Ruka recently resumed activities with his solo project The LEGENDARY SIX NINE. Earlier this year, guitarist Hitsugi also released a single with his side project Gremlins.Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Are you guys expecting Hitsugi and Ni-ya to start their solo projects as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (U.K)
Twitter (Enya)
Twitter (DEATH-O)

More info (Nightmare):
Official Website
Twitter (Hitsugi (柩))
Twitter (Ni~ya)
Twitter (RUKA)

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