Ruka, the drummer of the currently on hiatus Nightmare, has announced that his side project The LEGENDARY SIX NINE will come to life again with a new member and a mini-album titled Not Equal.

This news broke out bit by bit through their relaunched website, first by giving details on the band’s comeback, then by announcing the one-man live that will take place on March 9. During that time there were no further details in regards to the line-up until recently! We were surprised to see the addition of Shinichirou Saitou from the band 12012, who will be the substitute of one of Ruka’s best friends, Kei from Baroque. We also have Yusa from Guts and Death on vocals, guitarist Shinobu from the now disbanded Guy’s Family and support at Creature Creature. Finally, Sugiya on bass, one of the latest addition to the veteran band Moi Dix Mois.

As for the new mini-album Not Equal, it will come out on April 19 containing six songs. Have a listen to the video preview located below:

Well, that was short, but the band also granted us with a rough mix of the second track CRAZY CRAZY via the band’s SoundCloud account:

Not Equal

Regular edition


  1. Kamisama no Iutoori? (かみさまのいうとおり?)
  3. Monsters inc.
  4. haze
  5. Sonata (ソナタ)

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More info:
Official Website

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