NIGHTMARE announced a sudden pause in activities to allow for the band to recuperate at the end of the year. In a message, vocalist YOMI wrote that he is suffering from functional dysphonia which causes hoarseness, unstableness and a fatigued voice which affects his performance. Other members also will be taking break in order to become stronger musicians. This will allow them to maintain the quality of work produced and be able to deliver an excellent performance for their goal of a 20th anniversary in the future.

During the pause in activity, personal and supporting activities will continue. As for when the NIGHTMARE will come out of their dormant state, we just have to sit tight and wait until further notice. Here are their comments taken from the official website:

“For the sudden announcement, we’re really sorry to have made you sad. Since Feburary I have had functional dysphonia and on my way to recovery. To have the ability to sing again, I will have to spend more time away to recover and heal. We’ve been together for a long time as NIGHTMARE, and unknowingly we have spoilt each other knowing that we are there for each other. So that I do not become dormant as a musician and as a person, I will rest and do my best in the future and come back with a powered up NIGHTMARE.”

“Being able to continuing on this road is the most important thing. Being able to stop for a little while is just as important thing I think. I believe to become faster and stronger, it is a necessary to stop. This stop is significant to us continuing as five people on stage. Do not worry.”

Hitsugi :
“This time, let NIGHTMARE have a little rest. First I feel terrible,  in order to restore the power there is no easy way apart from letting time. So, I hope after the rest period, NIGHTMARE can become stronger.”

“It’s a distressing and heavy feeling to rest, however I remain positive.
If in order to continue NIGHTMARE activities the future, I feel glad to rest. To fans, to partners , please continue to give us strength. No one cheers on a bad band. Thank you in advance.”

“I’m very sorry about this sudden announcing, please let us take a break.”

We’re glad that NIGHTMARE will be resting responsibly, and hope YOMI gets well soon. In other news, their tour “Awakening of Clowns” seems to be going ahead.

NIGHTMARE TOUR 2016 Awakening of Clowns

April 2 Sendai, PIT
April 3 Aomori, Quarter
April 8 Tokyo, Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
April 10 Koriyama, HIP SHOT JAPAN
April 14 Kawasaki, club citta
April 22 Niigata, LOTS
April 24 Takasaki, Club FLEEZ
April 29 Kyoto, KBS Hall
May 1 Matsuyama, Salon Kitty
May 3 Takamatsu, Olive hall
May 5 Fukuoka, DRUM LOGOS
May 7 Kumamoto, B.9 V1
Mat 8 Oita, DRUM Be-0
May 20 Sapporo pe Ritz, PENNY LANE24
May 22 Hakodate, Dickinson hall
May 28 Gifu, club-G
May 29 Hamamatsu, Chuang Zui
June 05 Hiroshima, CLUB QUATTRO
June 10 Kanazawa, EIGHTHALL
June 12 Nagoya, Zepp Nagoya
June 17 Kobe, Chicken George
June 18 Osaka, Namba Hatch
June 25 Tokyo, Yutaka Island PIT
June 26 Tokyo, Yutaka Island PIT

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Hitsugi (柩))
Twitter (Ni~ya)
Twitter (RUKA)

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