Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an exciting place on the internet where you could read and learn all about your favorite Jpop idols? We know it would be, so now there is! Enter JPOP NEWS. The better sister site of JROCK NEWS!

The JROCK NEWS team knows firsthand how boring and repetitious Jrock can be. In fact, it’s because of the boredom induced by Jrock that caused us to look elsewhere for genuinely refreshing music! It didn’t take long for us to find our new passion: Jpop! How could anyone not fall in love with the cute, energetic dances and the ridiculously addictive music? Not to mention the idols like Michishige Sayumi and Watanabe Mayu are far cuter than the scary, leather clad, lipsticked smeared faces of Jrockers. And you’ll come to feel the same way soon.

JPOP NEWS will become your new favorite gateway to the world of Japan’s most interesting and diverse music scene. You’ll soon see daily—sometimes hourly—updates from the hottest Japanese acts and hybrid groups such as EXO, AKB48, BTS, Nogizaka46 (乃木坂46), AOA, STD, and so many others! So, many, many others that we might be able to sacrifice only a smidgen of time to cover Jrock news. How much is a “smidgen”, you ask? It’s difficult to explain in writing but the pie chart below will give you a clear indication of our priorities:

More time spent on JPOP NEWS means more time to focus on kawaii idols and their “sexy beams”. We consider it a much-needed vacation from old men with too much face powder, hairspray, and “musical indifferences”. Jpop, on the other hand, offers fans fewer disbandments and that spells more stability. Beyond the cuter idols and security, there’s better music, better fashion and makeup trends, juicier scandals to gossip about, and way more female artists! And, we intend to cover it all!

Soon you too can let JPOP NEWS be your one-way ticket to a safe heaven far away from the drama and disbandments we see every single day in Jrock. Our new website, JPOP NEWS, proudly goes live on April 1, at 23:59 (GMT+0). To make this momentous moment even more sugoi, we’ll be holding a huge giveaway for t-shirts worn by idols themselves for visitors that create an account during the launch week! The website address and more details on how to enter the giveaway will be unwrapped soon! So make sure you there to celebrate its unveiling with us for your chance to win the prize of a lifetime!

So! Are you ready to create a “Revolution 21” with us? Are you ready to have your screen filled with the super cute faces of Minami Minegishi, Fukumura Mizuki, Momoka Ariyasu, and more? Well, then you should head on over to JPOP NEWS!

Happy April fools! :D

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