It was recently announced that visual kei band Pentagon will be performing in the United States for the first time at A-kon, the second biggest anime convention in the US!

The con will be taking place from June 8-11 on Fort Worth, Texas and Pentagon’s performance will be taking place on June 9. It is still not known if there will be a meet&greet and/or autograph session, so be on the look out for that on A-kon’s website!

Something worth noting is that Pentagon will be going by the name “Pentagon Japan” in the US. This is similar to what X Japan and Versailles had to go through when they had to perform in the US, when “X” became “X Japan”, and Versailles had to add “Philharmonic Quintet” to their name.

Pentagon have recorded a message for fans in the US, talking about their excitement over their first American gig:

Will you be attending? Let us know!

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