Versailles had already let us know that there was a new album coming this year, and just a few days ago the band released details on the album (they say album, but it’s really a mini-album). For starters, the album now has a name, Lineage~Bara no Matsuei~ (Lineage~Descendants of the Rose~), and will be reaching us starting Valentines day, February 14.

The album will only be available at the band’s Nippon Budokan concert, where it will be given away for free. Whether the album will be sold through regular stores later on is still unknown. However, the band uploaded six preview videos, one for each song. Check them out below.

The album has six tracks, all arranged and produced by Versailles. Lyrics for all tracks were written by Kamijo, whereas HIZAKI arranged music for three tracks: Shadow’s Fang, Inheritance, and A Day Without You. On the other hand, Kamijo composed the music for La Musique and Lineage, and Teru and Hizaki jointly composed the last track of the album, Marionette.

Furthermore, the band also updated their looks in anticipation of the new release, check them out below! Click on each picture to enlarge.

Vocalist Kamijo

Guitarist HIZAKI

Guitarist Teru

Bassist Masashi

Drummer Yuki


Lineage~Descendants of the Rose~


Regular edition


  1. La Musique
  2. Shadows Fang
  3. Inheritance
  4. A Day Without You
  5. Lineage
  6. Marionette

Available only through their Upcoming Nippon Budokan live

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (KAMIJO)
Twitter (TERU)
Twitter (HIZAKI)
Warner Music YouTube

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