As stated in our last article, UNiTE is scheduled to release a venue and mail order edition of their new single, A Little Picture, on January 18, with the regular edition coming out a week later on January 25, both having differences and similarities.

Before that can happen though, they have uploaded new artist photos which you can see below and a music video located above, that not only shows off their new costumes but also the song itself.

This is a rather bluesy number with its choppy strumming, bass slapping, and saxophone, with the inclusion of rapping later on. Check it out!

Artist photo for “A Little Picture”

Vocalist Yui (結)

Guitarist Shiina Mio (椎名未緒)

Guitarist LiN

Bassist Haku (ハク)

Drummer Sana (莎奈)

A Little Picture

Regular Edition


  1. A Little Picture
  2. Mabuta ni Zanko (瞼に残光)
  3. Tulip (チュリップ)
  4. A Little Picture (off vo.)
  5. Mabuta ni Zanko (瞼に残光) (off vo.)
  6. Tulip (チュリップ) (off vo.)

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Venue & Mail Order Edition


  1. A Little Picture
  2. Kujira no Yume (くじらのゆめ)
  3. Tulip (チュリップ)
  4. A Little Picture (off vo.)
  5. Kujira no Yume (くじらのゆめ) (off vo.)
  6. Tulip (チュリップ) (off vo.)

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