It has been confirmed that UNiTE. will release a new single titled A Little Picture in two editions, one is limited to venue and mail order that will be available from January 18. The regular comes out a week later on January 25 and will have a different second track titled Mabuta ni Zanko (瞼に残光) as opposed to Kujira no Yume (くじらのゆめ).

Not only that, the band is already making plans for their sixth anniversary as they have a set of anniversary event lives with bands such as A9, Chanty, Develop One’s Faculties, D=OUT, HERO, Kameleo, SHARE LOCK HOLMES and CHISA&SHOGO all performing on different days.

It starts on January 27 at Fukuoka Be-1 DRUM with three of the six dates landing on drummer Sana, guitarist LiN and vocalist Yui’s birthday, going on up until their one-man performance at EX THEATER ROPPONGI titled Anniversary Oneman Live 6th [U&U’S -PICTURES-] At EX THEATER ROPPONGI. Here are the dates below:

UNiTE. 6th Anniversary Event hosted by Friend Collective

2017.01.27 (Friday) Fukuoka Be-1 DRUM
2017.01.31 (Tuesday) Osaka MUSE (Sana’s Birthday)
2017.02.14 (Tuesday) Sendai MACANA (LiN’s Birthday)
2017.02.25 (Saturday) Kanazawa AZ
2017.03.18 (Saturday) Nagoya MID *SOLD OUT* (Yui’s Birthday)
2017.03.28 (Tuesday) EX THEATER ROPPONGI

Tour Final
Anniversary Oneman Live 6th [U&U’S -PICTURES-] At EX THEATER ROPPONGI
2017.03.29 (Wednesday) EX THEATER ROPPONGI

Make sure you check this out if you happen to be in the area but while you ponder, take a look at their new artist photo’s located below!

Vocalist Yui (結)

Guitarist Shiina Mio (椎名未緒)

Guitarist LiN

Bassist Haku (ハク)

Drummer Sana (莎奈)

A Little Picture

Regular Edition


  1. A Little Picture
  2. Mabuta ni Zanko (瞼に残光)
  3. Tulip (チュリップ)
  4. A Little Picture (off vo.)
  5. Mabuta ni Zanko (瞼に残光) (off vo.)
  6. Tulip (チュリップ) (off vo.)

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Venue & Mail Order Edition


  1. A Little Picture
  2. Kujira no Yume (くじらのゆめ)
  3. Tulip (チュリップ)
  4. A Little Picture (off vo.)
  5. Kujira no Yume (くじらのゆめ) (off vo.)
  6. Tulip (チュリップ) (off vo.)

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