THE GALLO (ギャロ) unveiled the full music video for Yami Uta (which translates to dark poetry), taken from their newly released album LUCIFERO which came out on November 9.

In the music video, we can appreciate guitarists Nov and Wajow using the famous tapping technique into a very synchronized guitar solo. The rhythmic instrumental, drums and bass line give a powerful touch to the song and, as usual, the extraordinary voice of vocalist JoJo makes the difference between THE GALLO and other bands.

Before you click the play button, we must warn you that the music video contains nudity, so please be careful where and who you watch it with.


gallo lucifero cover

Regular edition


  1. Taidou (胎動)
  2. Kakusei (覚醒)
  3. Shukusei (粛清)
  4. Houkou (咆哮)
  5. Kyousou (狂想)
  6. Doukoku (慟哭)
  7. Maisou (埋葬)
  8. Shokuzai (贖罪)
  9. Zankou (残光)
  10. Rinne (輪廻)
  11. Hofu Hoshi (屠星)
  12. Yami Uta (闇詩)

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