THE GALLO (ギャロ) are teasing us with a music clip of Yami Uta taken from their upcoming album LUCIFERO, which will drop on November 9.

We are very curious about how THE GALLO will develop in this album, as this will be the second album coming from the band this year, but the first featuring their new guitarist Nov (ノヴ). So far, it seems that their sound will remain as original as in their previous albums.

The tracklist for the album can be found below:


gallo lucifero cover

Regular edition 2778 – 3000 yen


  1. Taidou (胎動)
  2. Kakusei (覚醒)
  3. Shukusei (粛清)
  4. Houkou (咆哮)
  5. Kyousou (狂想)
  6. Doukoku (慟哭)
  7. Maisou (埋葬)
  8. Shokuzai (贖罪)
  9. Zankou (残光)
  10. Rinne (輪廻)
  11. Hofu Hoshi (屠星)
  12. Yami Uta (闇詩)

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