As well as our beloved HIZAKI performing at this year’s HYPER JAPAN, HYPER Live stage will also be the stage for jyo metal singer Fuki. “Jyo metal” is a subgenre of J-metal consisting of bands either fronted by a female vocalist or formed entirely of women. Her powerful voice, adorable style, and exciting stage performance have secured her a spot in the ranks of jyo metal history.

This winter, guests can enjoy a new side of Fuki as she graces our stage with her poppier solo music. A prolific lyricist, Fuki says that she writes her lyrics as “stories about things or people.” But she has pushed herself out of her comfort zone for her first solo album and stretched her lyrical wings with new writing styles. Check out the videos below to see her in action:

Fuki Commune - 「輝く夜へようこそ!」(Music Video Short ver.)

Fuki Commune 『Fuki Fes. Vol.2』 トレイラー

Fuki arrived on the music scene in 2005, forming the band LIGHT BRINGER with bassist Hibiki. They made their major debut in 2011 with the single noah, and their 2012 tour was so popular that an additional show was added at Shibuya BOXX to accommodate demand. In 2008, she began simultaneous activities with the band Unlucky Morpheus, and – as if two bands at once weren’t enough – Fuki also teamed up with the ladies of Gacharic Spin in 2012 to form the adorable (yet formidable!) all-girl Doll$Boxx.

As of June 22 of this year, Fuki has released her first full solo album Welcome! under the moniker Fuki Commune. It features numerous tie-ups with games and anime, including the ending song for season three of the anime Mysterious Joker and the theme song of the PC game Liber_7.

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