DIEALO, the band formed by ex-BIOSPHIA’s vocalist Naru, has announced its second single! The CD will go on sale beginning November 2, under the title ADAM. It will release in three different types. The A type will contain two songs and a DVD featuring the music video for ADAM, whereas types B and C will contain three songs. A tracklist and album art should be revealed at a later date.

Afterwards, the band is set to perform a one-man live titled Another nightmare, which will take place on January 20, 2017. 

Are you interested in this band? Then take a look at their music video preview above, surely they’ll cater to your tastes. I mean, it’s Naru, come on. He’s great.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Naru)
Twitter (Aki)
Twitter (Nari)
Twitter (Jun)
Twitter (Haku)

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