Hizaki, guitarist for power-metal band Versailles and Jupiter, will be resuming his solo activities with a brand new solo album! This new album will be titled Rosario, and will release on August 3. While we still don’t know much about the tracklist, we do know that it will contain 14 tracks, plus a music video and “making-of” for the title track, Grace and Dignity, should you purchase the limited edition of this album. For those wondering, the album will be an instrumental one, meaning there will be little to no vocals in the album. Furthermore, eight of the songs on the album are previously unreleased songs, so we suppose this means you can expect to listen to some re-recordings of some of his past solo work from the other six songs.

Hizaki commenced his solo activities in 2004, when one of his previous bands, Schwardix Marvally, disbanded. After a few albums, he then created his own project, named Hizaki Grace Project, in 2006. His solo activities have been paused since 2007, when he began to plan the formation of Versailles with Kamijo.

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