The Alice in Wonderland trend seems to be popular all over the world at the moment. Due to the popularity of the Labyrinth of Alice event in Ginza earlier this year, the café have decided to bring back a second round of events in collaboration with D.

The members worked with the café as part of their promotion for the Happy Unbirthday and MASTER KEY singles. Events in this project includes Alice in Picture Book at Shinjuku and  Alice in Ancient Castle in Ikebukuro and is running from May 16 till December 16, so hurry before it ends.

The band’s collaboration includes a menu served accompanied by one of five originally designed coasters. The menu consists of one dish and five different cocktail drinks. Guests were also chosen at random a photo card and also a mystery gift.

Source Diamond Dining


ASAGI x Rabbit and gingerbread man.


Tsunehito x Heart explosion!


Ruiza x Kiratsu! Diamond flash!!


HIROKI x Black Espada.


HIDE-ZOU x ~Dance with the Clover~.

HIDE-ZOU Rabbit omelette rice

HIDE-ZOU x Rabbit omelette rice.

These drinks look absolutely amazing, and we would like to love try Diamond flash!! which has a beautiful orchid garnishing the glass. Omelette rice, also known as omurice is one of our favourite dishes.

Also take a look at D’s latest look for their upcoming release MASTER KEY. The members are wearing the cutest playing card outfits and of course, front-man ASAGI is the white rabbit.


Guitartist Ruiza


Dummer Hiroki


Vocalist ASAGI


Bassist Tsunehito


Guitarist Hidezou

What do you guys think about the new look and the collaboration with the café? Leave your comments below.

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