Not long ago AvelCain revealed a short video, announcing the final tour live of Kugi Ofuda Gozenniji (釘、御札、午前二時…), which took place at Tsutaya O-East earlier on August 29, while also suggesting the addition of a new member to their line-up! Once this show finished, they introduced and presented their new drummer Byou (秒) to the rejoiced fans.

AvelCain New look byou

AvelCain’s new drummer Byou (秒)

Along with this announcement, the band unveiled their new look and two new releases! The first single titled beni (紅-べに-) will be available in two editions, both limited to 300 copies. The first edition will be on sale at AvelCain’s upcoming shows starting September 19 at Ikebukuro EDGE. The latter was a special edition only available at the store fiveStars. Yes, it was, because this edition is already sold out! If you want to own one of the 300 copies of the remaining edition of this single, be sure to catch up AvelCain at their upcoming lives.

AvelCain beni 1

beni (紅-べに-)

Live-limited edition 1,000 yen


  1. beni (紅-べに-)
  2. Kashokushou (過食症)

Buy at live venues.

AvelCain beni 2

beni (紅-べに-)

Store-limited edition 1,000 yen


  1. beni (紅-べに-)
  2. ×Gatsu×Nichi Zange Kamoku Naru Kimi ni… (×月×日、懺悔、寡黙ナル君二…)


The second release was surprisingly announced like this:

AvelCain’s seiko (聖子) first audio work.

What kind of sound can we expect from the ball-jointed doll? Fans of AvelCain may know that the doll seiko (聖子) plays a big role in the band’s activities. She even has her own Twitter and blog.


Seiko featured in their latest work, Omajinai.

This single will carry the title Himawari no Uta (ヒマワリノウタ) containing only one song with the same name. Five hundred copies of this single are already available for pre-order at CD shops. The release date is set on October 14.

AvelCain New look seiko CD

Himawari no Uta (ヒマワリノウタ)

Limited edition  500 yen


  1. Himawari no Uta (ヒマワリノウタ)

Buy at HMV or CDJapan

And finally, AvelCain in their new look, now as a four-piece band:

AvelCain New look Karma

Vocalist 業-karma-

AvelCain New look Kaede

Guitar 楓-kaede-

AvelCain New look Zen

Bassist 禅-zen-

AvelCain New look byou

Drummer 秒-byou-

AvelCain New look seiko

Doll 聖子-seiko-

AvelCain New look

AvelCain’s new look.

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