X- Japan’s co-founder, Yoshiki, has expressed his interest and desire to collaborate with BABYMETAL someday.

During an interview with Metal Hammer magazine, Yoshiki revealed that many fans send him BABYMETAL songs, as they reminded them of X Japan’s earlier years. As such, Yoshiki is well aware of BABYMETAL’s success and popularity, going so far as to actually attending one of the group’s shows in Europe. Yoshiki says he is very open to finding new ways of expressing Metal and Rock and finds the idea of “three very cute, beautiful singers, and very heavy music behind them” to be good, so a collaboration between the two is something who would like to do someday.

Would you like to see this collaboration? I think this is something that could turn out to be really interesting and fun to listen to, so if this ever happens, it has my full support!

More info:
Official Website (BABYMETAL)
Official Website (Yoshiki)

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